Tell them about you
Advertising on hold is one of the best ways to educate your callers about your business. Introduce new products or services, reinforce your other advertising...
Generate interest
20% of callers who hear on hold advertising will make a purchase or decision based upon the information they heard while on hold.
Satisfy customers
Your callers will appreciate the information they receive when they call. Research shows that 88% of business callers prefer on hold messages to music or silence!

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The On Hold Impact unit plugs directly into your existing phone system, and continuously plays messages that your callers will hear while they are on hold.

All On Hold Impact message playback units utilize the latest computer technology, and contain no moving parts. That means there's nothing to wear out. These units feature outstanding sound quality, and a permanent memory that is even safe from power outages. Here are our 2 most popular models.

Remote Download - $599
This unit uses a process known as Remote Digital Downloading. When you'd like to update your messages, we dial directly into your unit and upload your new production from the On Hold Impact studios. Your messages can be updated within hours! Professional installation is recommended.

Smart Media - $299
This unit plays audio that is delivered on Smart Media Card (just like the ones used in digital cameras). This is the ultimate plug-and-play unit! Just plug in the power supply, connect the unit to your phone system, slide in the Smart Media cardů and you're up and running. Your messages will be delivered via US Mail.

Save up to $199!
For a limited time, purchase any of our on hold audio playback units... and your first audio production is FREE!

We carry audio equipment for virtually any budget or application.

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You have a choice
On Hold Impact typically does not charge set-up fees, monthly fees, or make clients sign long contracts. Simply purchase your audio production, and use it as long as you'd like.

If you prefer, we also offer "turn-key" packages, including equipment, installation, and production.

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