Satisfy customers
Your callers will appreciate the information they receive when they call. Research shows that 88% of business callers prefer on hold messages to music or silence!
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On Hold Impact helps small businesses sound bigger, and more professional. We also help big businesses sound friendlier, and more personal.
Tell them about you
Advertising on hold is one of the best ways to educate your callers about your business. Introduce new products or services, reinforce your other advertising...

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1. Will On Hold Impact work with my existing business phone system?

On Hold Impact works with all business phone systems with music on hold capability. Look for a small headphone-like jack labeled "MOH" on your main phone system unit, or one of our service representatives can help you determine your system's compatibility. There are also a number of adapters available that will allow on hold messages to be played through standard "residential" phones.

2. Do I need to purchase any equipment?

You have the option. Some of our clients prefer to purchase the equipment, then simply pay for each message update. We also offer complete "turn-key" packages which, for a low monthly fee, include all the necessary equipment, wires, and connectors. Our state of the art digital remote messaging unit is manufactured right here in the USA, and is under full warranty.

If you already have a message playback unit, you can still take advantage of this program! Messages can be delivered on CD or Cassette at no extra charge.

3. Why not just play the radio, or music, on hold?

If you are playing the radio or music on hold, you are not using your customers' hold time to your best advantage. Why attempt to simply entertain your captive audience, when you could be informing them about your products or services? In addition to possibly "turning off" your customers with music they dislike, you could be exposing them to commercials from businesses who, just like you, are competing for your customers' dollars. They could even hear advertisements from your direct competition!

Another point you should consider, is that by playing a radio station or CD on your phone system, your are technically "broadcasting" music for which you are required to pay proper music licensing fees. Music publishing companies such as ASCAP and BMI have successfully levied fines of up to $10,000 per violation for illegal business use or rebroadcast of licensed music or the radio. On Hold Impact has already paid all licensing fees for the music that will be used as background for your messages

4. Do callers hear the same message every time?

No. The On Hold Impact system plays your messages continuously, even if there is no one on hold. When someone is placed on hold, the caller will hear your messages wherever they are on the loop. Your caller would have to be on hold for more than 3 minutes before hearing a repeat message. Because our system covers all your lines, all callers will hear the same message at the same time.

5. Who writes the scripts?

Our professional script writers will conduct a background interview to gather information that can be used in your custom designed messages. All scripts will be e-mailed or faxed for your approval. Of course, you are welcome to write your own scripts, if you would like.

6. Do I have a choice of voices?

Our voice-over artists are some of the best in the business. Professionals with years of experience in producing recordings that sound warm, friendly, and sincere. Male or female voices are available.

7. Can I choose the music?

Yes. We have a musical library filled with many varieties and styles of instrumental music, from which to choose. Everything from classical, jazz, and contemporary music, to holiday themes.

8. Can you use my jingle?

Yes. Once our production department has heard your jingle, we can offer suggestions on how to best incorporate it into your on hold messages.

9. How do I change my messages?

It couldn't be easier. Just call, fax, or e-mail your changes, and we will upload your new messages directly into your phone system within 48 hours. We will take care of everything, via remote, from our studio.

10. What about installation?

Installation is included with our complete "turn-key" packages. If you opt to purchase the equipment outright, installation is not included, but is available for an additional charge. We provide all the necessary equipment, wires, and connectors. If you arrange for installation, we will coordinate with your technician to be sure that the system is fully functional upon installation.

11. What is licensed music?

The people who write and perform music are usually represented by a music publishing company such as ASCAP or BMI. These organizations help ensure royalties are paid when someone uses the music for business purposes. This includes music on hold, or radio on hold. Even though the radio station has already paid licensing fees for the music, this does not cover your "rebroadcast" over your phone system. Fines for illegal use of licensed music are up to $10,000 per violation. All of our music is fully licensed, with no risk or extra cost for you.

12. I have multiple locations. Can On Hold Impact service them all?

Absolutely. On Hold Impact can be installed anywhere in the continental U.S. We offer special rates and flexible scripting options for clients with multiple locations. Ask for details.

13. Can I qualify for any discounts?

Discounts are available for clients with multiple locations, and for those who pay annually. Ask one of our representatives for more information.

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